100% Italia

Giuseppe kitchen creates dishes mostly inspired by the Italian traditions and the different regional cultures, but also under the influence of the modern trends. The mission to carry over the Italian taste and aromas into the Giuseppe’s kitchen requires all the ingredients to be precisely selected. They are all products of origin and are regularly delivered directly from “The Boot”, such as: Olio Extravergine, Proscuto di Parma, Coppa di Parma I.G.P., Parmigiano Regiano, Mozzarela di Buffala D.O.P., Asiago D.O.P., Pecorino Romano D.O.P., Piave D.O.P., Filetti di tonno, Pomodori Secchi, Pomodori Pelati, Capperi, Carcioffi, Riso Ambrosio, Riso Carnaroli, Pasta Barilla. We work only with ingredients by small or medium producers, not world-famous, but with true authentity, quality and taste. The fruits and vegetables have been supplied by local Bulgarian farms in order to reach your table fresh and full of taste.

Cheff Giuseppe and his team offer to you the irrestistable flavours of natire, the tastes of the traditions and the exqiusitness of the Italian cuisine. As a proof of all that is the dignification of Trattoria “Il Maestro Giuseppe Verdi” with the “Ospitalità Italiana” Certificate, a true seal of the Italian hospitality and the quality of the Italian food all over the world. “Ospitalità Italiana” is a certification promoted by the Chambers of Commerce of Italy and dignifies restaurants, which Chef is an Italian, maintain a supreme food quality and have successfully undergone all stages of certification.

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